Tuesday, April 23, 2013


If you had a chance to make a Faustian trade with the Devil (who looks like a semi-retired Vaudevillian comedian dressed like Attila the Hun) what would you want in return? Some sort of Earthly satisfaction with no true emotional payoff, right? A buff physique? A (somewhat) cool car? A thorough mastery of karate? A hang-low that hangs a little lower? Well, that's exactly what computer programmer Bradley Brinkman signs up for. With the help of she-devil Deborah Shelton (JRs mistress from Dallas), Bradley becomes Hunk Golden. Eating right and exercising would've never allowed super-geek Bradley to achieve the stature of Hunk. He really HAD to resort to a Satanic pact in order to get laid.

This is a clip of Hunk getting it on with one of the girlfriend of a guy that looked down his nose at him while he was Bradley. You'll also notice the fat friend, Chachka:

Here's a clip of Deborah Shelton as Mandy Winger being confronted by JR's wife, stick with it until the end. This makes me want to watch Dallas, an impulse I've never had in my life:


Soooo.... Should you watch Hunk? Fuck it. What've you got to lose, right? It's got nerds and jocks and washed up TV celebs. WARNING: This movie is rated PG! That means NO NUDITY!

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