Sunday, August 5, 2012

Twister's Revenge!

Twister's Revenge is a 1987 film about a talking monster truck with an expensive computer installed in it. I found this in one of those cheap Mill Creek 50 movies box sets compiling public domain, low budget turkeys (like Twister's Revenge). The monster truck is named Mr. Twister and the computer installed in the passenger seat is wicked old even in 1987, as a matter of fact, everything about this movie screams early 70s and not 1987. I remember 1987 and it wasn't like this. I initially thought this was filmed in the 70s and released in the late 80s, but I saw a Datsun in one scene that fit the late 80s claim. Here's a photo of a similar computer model:


So three bumbling, Pabst drinking criminals catch wind of how expensive this computer is and decide to steal it (and pawn it). Let's not get into any more details of the plot, you want to hear about the DETAILS. Let's talk about Dutch. He's one of the bumbling criminals (the fat one) and he wears a hat that says "Dixie Devil." During one scene Dutch takes a dump on the side of the road and you get to see his tighty whities (sic?). He's great. Let's talk about the dialogue; my favorite line, spoken to Mr. Twister, is: "Artificial Intelligence my ass! Now listen, lamebrain breath!" Mr. Twister's owner consistently condescends to him like that during the whole movie; Mr. Twister's just trying to help him out, man! Now we need to talk about the band in the biker bar. Lord. They were a girl group that feature some home grown Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. When I saw home grown, I mean too shitty to make it on the show at all. The lead singer looks like Queen Kong, with more spandex. 


Mr. Twister, satisfyingly, gets to run over a bunch of shit, like cars, an outhouse, a shack, a clothesline, an above ground pool and more cars and houses. There's a sped-up chase scene with zany piano music, bad overdubbing, a tank on the loose, a parade, an Erskine Caldwell-style hillbilly woman that talks to her chickens, a Hardee's, loads of fake-looking wigs and, in one crowd scene, a 10 year old boy with a feathered mullet smoking a cig. My wife spotted that last one.