Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm Thankful for...

Here's a list of things (from the classic film, Screwballs) that we should all be thankful for...

1. Food Gagz!

2. Nerds!

3. Physical Fitness!

4. Being Yourself!

5. Adult Situations!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Directed by Sean Cunningham of Friday the 13th fame, this flick takes it's minimalist title seriously. There's no bag packing, kiss the parents, waving down the driveway folderol; the opening shot is of the main characters (they're nerds, by the by) in the back of a cab at Ft. Lauderdale scoping the babes. Spring Break has no story, I'm not even sure that it has characters. The fellows check into a sleazy motel and meet up with a couple of seasoned party animals who becomes their roommates. These guys drink 40s like they're Eazy-E and enter into the big bellyflop contest, so you know they're cool. When a biker calls one of the nerds "shit for brains," the party animals are right there to back up they're new little buddy. Here's a screen shot from just before the biker gets all pissed off:

Aaaannyways, there's a couple of "night on the town" montages, a wet t-shirt contest, an angry step-dad who's a politician, one of the nerds gets laid, they save the day with a bunch of spray nozzle whipped cream cans, plus there's a sleazy all-girl band. The band, incidentally, is called Hot Date and they sing a song called "Do It To You," the lead singer wears a spandex body suit that the same color as her skin along with knee high boots (IMDB wouldn't tell me what pornos she'd been in, bah!). Harry Manfridini provides the score and wrote most of Hot Date's songs, even "Do It To You." Yes, the same orchestra that created the infamous "CH CH CH, HA HA HA" from Friday the 13th series found themselves sawing away in an LA studio in order to provide incidental music for a scene where a guy pees on an alligator. The soundtrack is rounded out by a surprising selection of party rocking tunes by the likes of Cheap Trick, .38 Special, and NRBQ. A must-see.