Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Balls (1988)!

Beach Balls misrepresents itself as a beach movie, where in reality it fits closer with low budget rock and roll movies like Rock and Roll High School. This is a Corman production and it has some of the humor you might expect from one of his films (he probably didn't even know he was making it, though, so let's not give him too much credit). This film takes a few potshots at phoney televangelists, heavy metal goons, the young Republican movement of the 80s, lifeguards, and parole officers, but there aren't too many hearty yuks. Some of the highlights are the band Severed Heads in a Bag, who I assume were made up just for the movie, and the surprise appearance of Steven Tash who uses the phrase "harshing my mellow." Steven Tash, to save you a Google search, was that nerd that got shocked by Bill Murray at the beginning of Ghostbusters ( "I'm getting a little tired of this!" remember?). Beach Balls has the feel of one of those 80s LA punk rock movies, like Repo Man, or another Corman production, Suburbia; the wandering youth headed to clubs, the stabs at dark comedy and the low budget give it a grittier feel than expected. This movie is far too silly, however, and by the numbers to have wound up with the status of either of those films, plus these are lame metal/ beach kids, not superkool punk rockers.

I think Lee Ving would have kicked sand in all of their faces:

Oh, yeah. The uptight sister in this one gets topless.